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I am Tommy Ottolin, a product creative in Atlanta, Georgia. 🍑
I am pursuing my Master's in Human-Computer Interaction at Georgia Tech. 🐝
I look to accomplish others' goals by laughing all the way to a unique solution. 😆
I plan to work in music, and I sing, even outside of the shower. 🎶

A headshot of Tommy Ottolin enjoying cheese curds in Wisconsin.



How can this new music technology solution learn from and grow its user base?

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Baggage Claim

How can an interactive media art display ease the anxieties of baggage claim?

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Grocery Shopping for the Visually-Impaired

How can technology improve the grocery shopping and storage experience for the profoundly visually impaired?

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How can the mobile app be redesigned to create a gamified community?

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Can you prescribe your own musical therapy with the help of AI?

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Social Determinants of Health

What does it take to teach thousands of clinicians to care for the whole person, beyond just what their current ailment or condition is?

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Sofar Sounds Madison

Does Madison, Wisconsin have the cultural, social, and artistic appetite for redefining the live music experience?

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BUS 201: Business Dynamics

How can we simultaneously teach essential soft skills every business professional needs for success while integrating them with realistic business scenarios to help students discover career paths?

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Tommy Ottolin.

Created by Tommy Ottolin
Varied Content Credits to Epic Systems, Sofar Sounds, Gies College of Business, Flickr, YouTube